Greek Golden Visa Benefits

First, living freely in Greece, or even in your home country and using the Visa whenever you wish, is the main benefit. If you like travelling, you can benefit also from Greek airports offering flight connections around Europe and the rest of the globe. In case you are in search of high quality of life, including modern hospitals, shopping, natural landscapes, sports, cultural events, warm climate, and many private schools and universities offering courses in English, Greece is the ideal place for you! With Greece Golden Visa you can enjoy the same health and education benefits as Greek nationals!

Who is eligible for a Golden Visa in Greece?

Eligible members are the investor, his/her spouse, unmarried dependent children up to age 24 and the dependent direct ascendants (parents) of both spouses. The permit is granted for five years and may be renewed every five years if the property investment is retained by presenting to the authority the purchase contract of property. Permanent residency and EU citizenship can favour and be a legacy to all your family and your children.


The requirement of Greece Golden Visa program entails the possibility of granting residence permits to persons who proceed to the purchase of real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds € 250,000 (excl. VAT).

The investment can be made in land, off-plan, new or resale properties as long as the minimum value is met. Moreover, the possibility of re-selling the property is offered, providing the right to the granting of a residence permit to the purchaser with simultaneous withdrawal of the vendor’s residence permit.

  • In the case of jointly owned property worth € 250,000, the right of residence is granted only if the owners of the property are spouses with indivisible shares in the property. In all other cases of joint ownership, Golden Visa in Greece is granted only if the joint ownership rate of each joint owner is worth at least € 250,000.
  • If the owner has acquired the property via a legal entity headquartered in Greece, 100% of the company shares must be fully owned by the applicant.
  • Either a single or multiple property with a combined value exceeding €250,000 are applicable.

Investing and Acquiring Greek Citizenship

Living in Greece for 7 years gives the possibility to permanent residents to apply for Greek citizenship ,pursuant to the law. They can apply for their children if the following requirements are met:

  • attending any school in Greece for 9 years; or
  • attending a secondary school in Greece for 6 years; or
  • attending a University in Greece.

The privileges enjoyed by an EU citizen include the rights to live, work, travel, receive healthcare or pursue education anywhere within the EU, including the UK. In addition, Greek passport holders can travel to many countries without requiring a Visa.

Necessary documents for obtaining the Greece Golden Visa

  1. Get a temporary visa so you can visit Greece and find the most suitable property for your needs.
  2. Sign the sales contract and any power of attorney documents needed and acquire ownership of the property.
  3. Submit the application for a Greece Golden Visa. Our independent lawyers’ network can assist you in this task.