A residence permit in Greece for financially independent persons is issued for 2 years, with the right to be multiply renewed every 3 years. The main condition is confirmation of financial independence, which Greece estimated at 2,000 euros per month + 20% for a spouse + 15% for each child. This category of residence permit gives you the right to permanently reside in Greece and to freely move throughout the Schengen area. Also provides the resident with the right to apply and obtain a residence permit for the spouse and the children under 21 and parents of both parents.

This residence permit is suitable for those who have a stable income in their home country, have no intention to work in Greece and do not want to be tied to a particular country. The duration of this residence permit is issued for 2 years with the right to be multiply renewed every 3 years.

The mandatory conditions are the minimum age of 18, no criminal record, verified source of income and a rental agreement for 1 Year, plus a D-type visa which will be provided by the consulate of the origin country.

The maid advantages are the residence permit for the resident and his family members, no obligation of permanent residence, the choice of tax status, ie you decide whether to become a tax resident of the Hellenic Republic and last but not least, the eligibility for citizenship which is possible after 7 years of permanent residency provided the resident has spent at least 183 days per each year in Greece.