Charles Darwin
British naturalist (1809-1882)

Our scientific team/law office undertakes legal support of our clients both in the out-of-court stage and during the mediation process as well as in all stages of the proceedings before the civil courts by drafting legal remedies and appeals, thorough preparation of court files and representation in civil courts in a wide range of civil law matters.

We provide prompt, beneficial and secure solutions either out-of-court or in court, and our office remains constantly at your disposal with constant communication (either in person or by telephone) from the time the case is assigned.

In particular, the services provided by our office are broken down as follows:


Our office handles a variety of cases concerning legal issues on lease contracts, namely drafting of civil/commercial lease contracts, actions for termination of lease and lease performance, applications for payment orders and lease performance.


Our office undertakes the drafting of appeals against Payment Orders issued against borrowers/debtors by credit institutions and debt and loan management companies, as well as appeals against seizures and auctions of real estate property that were drawn up and imposed by banking companies and any kind of legal entity or natural person.


Our office handles cases related to disputes arising from acts of infringement or disturbance of freehold rights / ownership, possession and occupation of immovable or movable property, exercising the necessary legal remedies for the proper resolution of each case, as well as the handling of cases of actions for the distribution of assets and the registration and cancellation of mortgages or/and mortgage prenotation on immovable property.


Our office handles cases of divorce (dissolution of marriage by court order or by consent), removal of parental custody and assignment to a third party when this is required and meets the requirements of the law, custody, contact and maintenance of minor or adult children or spouses, claims for participation in the acquisitions of marriage, etc.


Our office undertakes the procedure of acceptance of inheritance before a Notary Public as well as the deletion of the deceased’s VAT number from the competent tax office/Authority and the submission of declarations by the heirs, the issuance of a probate certificate (national or European), the drafting of a lawsuit challenging the legal fate, the annulment of a will (e.g. due to error, fraud, threat) or the challenge of a will due to forgery or any other type of invalidity, as well as the drafting of a lawsuit for the annulment of a fictitious acceptance of a will.


Our law office undertakes the drafting of agreements/contracts as well as the issuance of payment orders or actions from uncollected and outstanding securities.


Our law office undertakes the formation of partnerships (Limited or general partnership) as well as the formation of companies such as joint stock companies/S.A., limited liability companies and private companies.

We handle all kinds of amendments to the articles of association of companies such as capital increase, change of purpose, change of registered office or harmonization of the articles of association with the applicable legislation. 


Our law office undertakes the preparation of claims for compensation of the victim or his/her relatives due to civil medical liability before the competent Civil or Administrative Court, depending on the nature of the case. It should be noted that medical malpractice occurs when a doctor fails to comply with the fundamental and recognized rules of medical science and his or her actions do not comply with the objectively imposed duty of medical care/lege artis.


We undertake road accident cases claiming compensation claims of all kinds from the moment the accident occurred until the payment of the compensation, having knowledge of the insurance market as well.