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Inheritance law, Crete Lawyers


Inheritance law – Crete Lawyers

crete-lawyers-fees-policyIn law, an heir is a person who is entitled to receive a share of the deceased’s (the person who died) property, subject to the rules of inheritance in the jurisdiction where the deceased (decedent) died or owned property at the time of death. A person does not become an heir before the death of the deceased, since the exact identity of the persons entitled to inherit is determined only then. Members of ruling noble or royal houses expected to become heirs are called heirs apparent if first in line and incapable of being displaced from inheriting by another claim; otherwise, they are heirs presumptive. There is a further concept of joint inheritance, pending renunciation by all but one, which is called coparceny.

The inheritance consists of the all the rights and obligations of property of a deceased person. Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, depts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual. The rules of inheritance differ between societies and have changed over time.

That is, because the inheritance law sets as its main purpose to secure the regularity of the economic life rather to enrich the deceased’s heirs. Therefore, it consists of all assets of the deceased person (either real estate or mobiles) but also of liabilities (debts, loans, taxes due, etc.).

There are two different ways of succession: a) Intestate succession and b) Succession by virtue of a Testament. Intestate succession takes place when there is no Testament drawn up by the deceased and it concerns surviving spouse and blood relatives.

As Greek Estate Lawyers, we assist in Greek inheritance issues by tracing the property title anywhere in Greece; we investigate the legal and actual status; and provide a full legal analysis report, within one week, as of the time that the client has provided the necessary information. We also advice and help our clients on how to draw up their wills and secure the interest of their heirs.

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